9(E) Foreign Government Official (FGO) Visa - for accredited officers of a foreign government recognized by the Philippines, who is a citizen of the country whose government he/she represents, and who is proceeding to the Philippines on official business for his/her government; and for officials of international non-governmental organizations.

9(e) 外国政府官员签证针对菲律宾认可的、代表其母国政府前往菲律宾从事其政府委派官方事务的外国政府官员,以及国际非政府组织的官员

Immediate family and household members joining the FGO in his tour of duty in the Philippines are also required to secure the appropriate 9(e) visa.

9(e) visas are divided into three types:

  1. 9(e-1) – for persons enjoying diplomatic immunities and privileges, including their immediate family members
  2. 9(e-2) – for other FGOs who will go to the Philippines in connection with official business for his government; official students or participants in programs under the auspices of the Philippine Government or recognized international organizations, including their immediate family members
  3. 9(e-3) – for members of the household to whom 9(e-1) and 9(e-2) visas have been granted


Authorization from the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila is required for the issuance of 9(E) visa. Upon receipt of the authorization from the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila, the visa applicant should complete the following requirements:

  1. Accomplished non-immigrant visa application FA Form No. 2-A.

Paper application form (F.A. Form No. 2 for Chinese nationals):

Paper application form (F.A. From No. 2 for Other nationals):

         2.  Passport valid for at least six (6) months beyond authorized period of stay in the Philippines.

        3.  One (1) recently taken colored photo 1.77″ × 1.37″ (3.5 × 4.5 cm), front view, with a white background; no eyeglasses or sleeveless attire. Digital photographs are not allowed.

        4.  Note Verbal or letter from the mission / international organization.

        5.  For Spouse/Child of an FGO: submit legal proof of relationship to principal, i.e. marriage certificate, birth certificate

       6.  For Household member: submit photocopy of Principal’s data page and visa stamp

       7.  Declaration on detailed information on itinerary and activities (please see sample form)

      8.  Visa Fee: Gratis