GuangzhouPCG Seal

The Philippine Consulate General in Guangzhou was established on 23 March 1997 with Mr. Luis T. Cruz as Consul General. A ceremonial opening was held on 23 May 1997 at the White Swan Hotel and was graced by then Senate President Ernesto M. Maceda, former Foreign Affairs Secretary Domingo L. Siazon, Jr. and former Philippine Ambassador to China Romualdo A. Ong on the Philippine side, and Guangdong Vice Governor Lu Zhonghe, Vice Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan, and Guangzhou Vice Mayor Liu Jinxiang on the Chinese side.

The opening of the Consulate General was in fulfillment of the agreement entered into by the Republic of the Philippines and the People’s Republic of China in November 1996 during the state visit of former Chinese President Jiang Zemin to the Philippines.

 The Philippines is the 11th country to open its Consulate General in Guangzhou. Philippine Consuls General to Guangzhou include: 

1. Mr. Luis T. Cruz (07 May 1997 – 30 June 2000);
2. Mr. Isaias F. Begonia (12 September 2000 – 30 April 2003);
3. Ms. Erlinda Q. Gavino (30 April 2003 – 9 March 2007);
4. Mr. Shulan O. Primavera (10 October 2007 - 05 September 2008);
5. Atty. Alex G. Chua (16 September 2008 - 31 July 2009);
6. Mr. Joselito A. Jimeno (16 August 2009- 23 September 2011);
7. Atty. Raly L. Tejada (27 October 2011 – 16 July 2015);

8. Ms. Marie Charlotte G. Tang (17 July 2015 – 27 January 2018);

9. Mr. Marshall Louis M. Alferez (16 April 2018 – present).


The Consulate has jurisdiction over the Chinese provinces of Guangdong, Hainan, Hunan and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Establishment of Relations with Host Country

The Philippines established diplomatic relations with and the People’s Republic of China with the signing of a joint communiqué 09 June 1975 by then Philippine President Ferdinand E. Marcos and Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai. The Philippines opened its Embassy in Beijing soon after.

Today, in addition to the Embassy, the Philippines has Consulates-General in Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Chongqing, and the Special Administrative Regions of Hongkong and Macau.